“Great Guide”
Four of us toured the Old City on what was billed as a three hour tour. Emmanuel was so full of information and stories that our tour lasted 5 1/2 hours! That is testament to how much he loves what he does and cares about your experience in his beloved country. The second tour I took was in Hebron. I had a change of mind about doing the second half of the tour on the Palestinian side so I spent three very informative hours in a cafe with Emmanuel while waiting for the others in our group to return. Visiting Israel by myself and having such a great guide was one of the best trips I have ever taken. I will return one day with friends and will have Emmanuel guide us again!
Visited December 2015

“Great tour with the best guide”
Emmanuel led a small group of us on a very informative and memorable tour of Hebron. From the moment he met us in Jerusalem he was friendly and put us all at ease. Hebron is a tense and controversial area to visit, but he was open to discussion and answered our questions in an unbiased way, as you would expect from a professional. The tour itself was very informative and eye opening. We were able to meet people from both sides of this divided city and form our own opinion based on what we saw, heard and felt.
Visited December 2015

“Highly recomended guide and tour”
Took a fab tour round the old city of Jerusalem with Emmanuel (James). My friend had never been and I didn’t feel brave enough to give her the information she wanted. We weren’t disappointed. It was great, the right mixture of information, humour and interest. Might even book another!
Visited December 2015

“Emmanuel rocks! :-)”
I took the Hebron Dual Narrative tour of Abraham Tours with Emmanuel, and it was an unforgettable experience. He was knowledgeable and super friendly, and most important of all: objective, which is GOLD considering the type of tour, which is based (as the name says) in narratives that sometimes might contradict each other. I would definetely choose him again as a guide!

“Tour of Hebron”
Emmanuel (James) Kushner guided me and my family through a wonderfully well planned tour of Hebron that was both informative and exciting. We felt very safe and well informed throughout the tour even in areas of Hebron that might otherwise have been a little intimidating. I would highly recommend those interested in the history and future of this part of the world to consider this tour with James Kushner. He was so kind and gracious, and he even takes great pictures!!

“Phenomenal Old City Tour”
My friends and I ventured from our Jerusalem conference venue for a day to visit The Old City. We had heard about an excellent tour offered at Jaffa Gate, and so we made reservations. James was our tour guide, and he immediately connected with the group. He had a fantastic sense of humor and created an engaging tour that left everyone in the group smiling.

I have been on a number of tours during my global travels, but it is no exaggeration to say that James gave the best tour I’ve ever experienced. Knowledgable, superb interpersonal skills, and an all-around awesome dude. I recommend this tour and James as your guide!

“Excellent trip reaching far beyond sightseeing ”
I often find myself staring at a pile of rocks, the same as yesterday’s thinking ‘so what?’ Emmanuel’s trip goes far further then generic ‘old things’, delving into the sociopolitical landscape of the city (for me, the ancient and divided city of Hebron.) We were introduced to settlers and Palestinians alike and able to freely question, gaining unique perspectives, unattainable from soley visiting tourist attractions. Not to say that we didn’t see Synagogues, Mosques and Torah scrolls but it was evidence within the context of the political situation instead of some abstract building. Emmanuel also took extra effort to get to know us individually on the bus and make sure we got home okay which is due extra merit on his par. If I had to some up my trip it would be that I am all the more baffled to the solution to conflict but only due to all the new perspectives and information I have been exposed to, which is how any tour should be. Therefore I invite all stubborn cynics, such as myself, to take the tour, challenge other people’s perspectives and have your own views challenged, it will be an experience you’ll never forget.

Visited October 2015

“Best tour with Emmanuel in Hebron!”
I was in Jerusalem in February and from Abraham hostel I did a tour to the Palestinian and Jewish part of Hebron. Emmanuel guided us from Jerusalem to the Jewish part of Hebron. Generally I am not a big fan of tours, but this tour I would definitely recommend. You simply wouldn’t have the same information and conversations with (local) people if you would visit Herbron without a tour. Emmanuel is a very friendly, funny man and extremely passionate about his work. The tour was one of my the most memorable travel experience in Isreal/Palestine; I would really suggest Emmanuel as your tour guide!

Visited February 2015

“Probably the most knowledgeable guide in Jerusalem!”
Emmanuel is a very dedicated guide, he brings life to the historical sites we are visiting, with interesting British sense of humor, which just make the tour a pleasant one. We highly recommend the tour, if you want to learn in-depth about the city- her past and present, her beauty and charm- Emmanuel is the right person to go to!

“Hebron dual narrative tour will be one the most memorable experiences you will have in the holy land”
James and Mohammed provide one of the best tours that give you a dual perspective of the complex religious and political situation going on in Hebron. You get to talk to both Isreali settlers and Palestinean residents thereby getting a balanced perspective of the tense situation in a city holy to Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike. You get an intimate view into the daily lives of each of the different religious groups in place that is traditionally known as the resting place of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. One of the best and one of the most sobering travel and cultural experiences in recent memory. Cannot recommend this tour enough.

Visited December 2014

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