One of the best things about  hiring a private  tour guide, is the ability to tailor the tour to suit your needs.  Before creating an itinerary I like to speak to you and get to know who you are, and what you are looking for and then create an itinerary for you.

However here are some sample itineraries:

Holy Hebron Tour:
Touring Hebron enables one to see one of the most holy and amazing places in Israel.  We start off with Visiting the Machpelah Cave as well as visiting the old Synagogues of Hebron including Avraham Avinu. We will also visit Tel Rumeida, as well as Abraham’s; Spring and we will also include the latests archeological excavations.   Finally We will also visit the museum and 4D movie at Beit Hadassah. There is also the possibility of meeting people who live there.
West Bank Wonders:

We will start off the day waking in the footsteps of Jeremiah at Wadi Qelt and enjoying the nature and understanding the texts of Jeremiah.

Next on the agenda is to visit the place of the Tabernacle at the ancient city of Shilo. We will discuss the plethora of Biblical stories associated with the place as well as discuss how the archaeology helps us understand the story.
To conclude we will  visit the Holy Samaritan shrine at Mount Gerizim and a visit to their museum and see how this ancient sect still lives.
Jewish Jerusalem:
We start the day by  investigating Machaneh Yehudah market and indulging all your senses especially taste.  The tour proceeds to Nachalot and visit one of the earliest areas outside the the Old City Walls where you experience the ‘arty area’ as well as ‘meet’ the Ultra-Orthodox.
Our focus then turns to the Jewish Quarter of the Old City, where we encounter and embrace 4000 years of history from ancient to modern history. Not only do you get an in depth historical tour it,you will also  reveal her secrets and its stories.
Please note that it is possible to also visit the temple Mount
Christian Jerusalem:
We start this tour from the summit of the Mount of Olives with a magnificent view of Ancient and Modern Jerusalem. After visiting the Chapel of the Ascension (where Jesus ascended to heaven after his resurrection and experience the  holiest places on the Mount  and walk the  “Palm Sunday Road” visiting the Chapel of Dominus Flevit (Jesus wept) and finishing at the  Garden of Gethsemane and the Church of All Nations where Christ prayed on the night of his betrayal.
The second part of tour continues in Jesus’s footsteps as we follow the Via Del Rosa (Jesus’s Route of Sorrow) and follow the biblical story of Jesus being sentenced to death by Pontius Pilot until his crucifixion and his death. The tour concludes with an in depth tour of the Holy Sepulchre Church the church to which many Christians see as the place where Jesus was crucified, died and was resurrected
(One can also visit the Pools of Bethesda and The Garden Tomb)

2nd Temple Judaisms Tour:
This tour starts off with a visit to the Essence city of Qumran.  During this tour we will learn about the sect who separated themselves from everyone else during Temple Times.  Through the archeology we will learn about their way of life and also question if this was indeed the place where the Dead Sea Scrolls were written.

At  Ein Gedi we will  not only hike in a desert Oasis , but we will also encounter biblical stories whilst surrounded by Biblical Flora and Fauna.  We will also learn about  Jewish communities that lived here throughout history.  Hear how they produced products that were prized around the world such as dates, bitumen, henna, spices and perfumes. Learn of the mystery of the famous Afarsimon oil that was worth much more than its weight in gold!

To enter Masada we have the choice to go up the snake path up to Masada or opt for the Cable Car.  During this tour we will explore the amazing fortress that King Herod built for himself in the middle of the desert.  We will see the difference between the elaborate architecture of the Palaces, cisterns and bathhouse and how the rebels used Herod’s fortress to continue the rebellion for years after the destruction of the Temple.  Finally we discuss the heros of the Masada story past and present.